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25 February 2007 @ 09:31 am
Okay okay. First I need to get this out. Today i found out that my life has had a lie in it. o___o;; My birthday is not really 'December 15' like my oka-san told me and that I have known for most of my 14 year old life. But it is actually 'November 17'. o___o;; OMG!? WHA..I MEAN...WHAA!? o___o When my aunt told me this. I had a 'o_____o' face on for a hour. And my birthplace wasn't Fukuoka BUUUT OSAKA!? WHAAAT!? But I liked Fukuoka better. *gets hit* Osaka-ben...hum....x___o;; how am i going to...get 'used' to being known from Osaka...HOW AM I GOING TO TELL PEOPLE??? o___o

XD Shige and Ryo watches clips YouTube. XD Omg I couldn't believe it. Maybe they has accounts. *dies* That would be funny if they watches like NEWS clips. Oh and Ryo-kun watched the '' PV on YouTube. XD OMG and Ryo would fangirl over himself. Posting comments like 'OMG RYO IS LIKE SO HOT!!' and stuff like that. Now THAT would make my day. :D 

Anyway I burried my hamster finally! \(^3^)/ It was sad. ;___; I cried as I put her into the ground. Then I cried for another hour or two. Im emotional. whaa Then I got a ginea*spelling?* pig and I named her Tegoshi. XD *cheers* She looks more like a 'Massu' though. =w=; Oh well. Maybe 'TegoMasu~' XD

Oh gosh. *_* I was watching a scary movie earlier *maybe around...9PM?* with Takeo and Kiyoshi and they were like. 'Pfft. It's not scary.' and i soo just wanted to hit them right there but them TOSHI COMES RUNNING IN WITH A WEIRD AND HORRIBLY DRAWN MASK TYPE THING ON HIS FACE AND SCARED ME FOR NO GOOD REASON. o: Then miki comes running in after him with a mask on her face and then I was just like '......o___o......' and I asked her who the mask were supposed to look like and Miki was like 'Toshi's mask is supposed to be Shigeaki(From NEWS) and my mask is supposed to be Uebo-hime(Tatsuya from KAT-TUN) ^3^v' and I was like 'WHAA!? HOW IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO KNOW!? I thought Toshi was supposed to be so old murderer or something.'and then after I said that tegoshi(My Ginea pig) made a weird noise. XD And then the room went QUIIIET.

Urk. x___x; tomorrow is the day for Toshi-kun's BIG SUPER ICKY SURGERY. ;___; Joy. I wonder what will happen???

OMG I was watching '15歳のブルース'(15 Year Old's Blues) and they were SOOOO hard to find. One EP had subs and THEY WERE SO ANNOYING. o: But the rest didn't have subs. :3! YAY. Tegoshi was SO SQUEETASTIC *huggles* I JUST WANTED TO SQUEEZE HIM!! :D SO KAWAII! :D i want his hairdoo now!! :3 TEGOOSHIII~~ AND EW NO. THAT GIRL WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU TEGOSHI. D:!

o___o Tegoshi just made a weird noise. Like...she was laughing or something. *hides* that was interesting. *meep*

well my aunt says "Bochi bochi iko ka!" which means "About time to go" in Osaka-ben. She didn't really say it in Osaka-ben. I just typed it up since I now know little Osaka-ben. Muahaha

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k i s a r a z u u: T.O.P.: peaceadorabl3vtgrl on February 26th, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
o______O so you just realized you're birthday and birth place are different? uughhh..that must be a lot to handle?
i hope you have more fun with TegoMasu! lol, Massu would be a great name for any ginuea(omg i dont know how to spell it either X[) pig XD
Chibi!Monster ~あゆ~shprim on February 26th, 2007 02:06 am (UTC)
yeshu. X( it is very difficult. urg. i don't like it. o___o

XD Massu would totally be a great name for any *insert right spelling here* pig. :3