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14 February 2007 @ 02:41 pm
V-DAY D:!  
Okay okay...so minna know's it's valentines day, ne??? D: I don't really like this day. I always see couples together..kissing *EW.* And at school, all the girls were giving valentins chocolate to boys. :P EW. Me, Nobuyuki, Hiro, and Kioshi watched as Hikari and Miki gave chocolates to these few boys. D: This guy kissed...KISSED miki. I totally wanted to slap him on the face but Hiro stopped me even though he was in shock.

This boy asked me if I wanted anything and I was like,"*in sarcastic voice* I want 1,000,000 yen and world peace." and Kioshi laughed. Jin *NOT Jin in KAT-TUN. My Jin-jin* Kept on starring at me during the school day. D: I think he wanted chocolates from me. EW. No. I don't like boys like that..especially Jin-jin. BUT KAME...I WANT TO GIVE YOU CHOCOLATES SO PLEASE COME TO MY SCHOOL OR HOUSE OR WHEREVER I AM. :D!!

And this boy asked me if I had any chocolates and I was like,"Of course! I'm totally going to give some to you." and he got happy and then I told him I was kidding. He was sad. :D For some reason i don't really like v-day BUT THE NEXT DAY IS KUSANO'S B-DAY!! :3 YAYZ!! HAPPY B-DAY KUSANO-CHAAN! *huggles Kusano doll* But I gave some choclates to my friends. We all were happy and spent the rest of the day wandering around schol/shibuya/cafes. I saw this pretty jacket and it was soo pretty but I cried when I found out I didn't have the money for it. D:
Current Music: Ayumi Hamasaki - flower garden